This project will develop cross-platform Java software for interfacing with EEG devices, specifically hardware developed by the OpenEEG project (http://openeeg.sourceforge.net/). Any software developed by this project will be released under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL).

The initial goals of this project are to provide the basic functionality for neurofeedback training with the ModularEEG device and to develop a framework that can be extended to provide support for other devices or other analysis, filtering, feedback methods, etc. As an example, someone could write a Java class that would plug into this framework and would add support for MIDI feedback, an EEG-controlled game, etc. Or maybe someone would add support for a different EEG device or even other types of biofeedback devices (ECG, EMG, GSR, etc.).

The framework will probably be designed so different components can be connected together as the user sees fit, similar to BioExplorer, from CyberEvolution.

This project is still in the planning phase and any comments or suggestions about useful features will be appreciated, especially in regards to signal processing, such as filters and metrics, and feedback methods (how information will be presented to the user).

A preliminary proposal for an API design can be found here. Source code can be downloaded from the project pages.

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